Our Story:

Robert and Jennifer both grew up in Central Virginia.

They were friends in high school, lost contact for more than 25 years, then reconnected in 2016. When they reconnected, they both shared dreams of owning a farm with lots of animals, as well as leaving a positive legacy for their children. As it turned out, God had even bigger plans than that. After finding a 60-acre farm in Marysville to purchase (what they call their forever home), and giving it a name (Maple Cross Farm), the dream grew even bigger.

Little did they know from the beginning, the farm would launch Maple Cross Marketplace in Powell, OH, begin transformation into a transport business (Trusted Transport), and pioneer a sawmill in Shelton, WA and Marysville, OH for our rare, exotic and hard-to-find wood products. Our passion for God’s natural resources, finding the hard-to-find, and our travels out west, helped plant the seeds for where we are today. We live by faith, following God’s path for us wherever it leads us. He has told us that if you can get people to stop calling My creations trash, I will bless you. We choose to share our blessings with you!

What We Do:

Maple Cross Sawmill

With our state of the art sawmills in Shelton, WA and Marysville, OH, we obtain graded logs for your more standard projects, as well as disfigured and disregarded wood that other timber companies consider scrap for various reasons. We mill, dry and prep slabs to spec and make them available to wholesalers and retailers throughout the United States. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to keep our prices low. We work directly with loggers in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest to obtain a wide variety of options. We’ll custom cut specifically to suit your needs and will transport it to you when you need it. Visit our website for more information.

Maple Cross Marketplace

Our Marketplace in Powell, OH, as well as our website, specializes in unique, one of a kind Live Edge Furniture, as well as chic, rustic/industrial style home decor with a southwestern flair. We also carry an array of rocks, minerals & gemstones, as well as jewelry, handbags, scarves, and many unique gifts. Trusted Transport - Our transport business is there when you need it. We will transport your large orders to your destination, safely and efficiently. within the contiguous United States.



Our Mission:

Keep God first always. Do what we love. By Serving our community well with storied products and creating a legacy to nurture and pass down to our children

Jen and Rob - Owners of Maple Cross Marketplace

A Note from Robert & Jennifer

As childhood friends and now the love of each other's lives, we are so blessed to have reconnected after so many years to follow our dreams and have the chance to impact our community and the US at large, as one team.

God has been so faithful and we couldn't be happier to share our love for farm life, the natural materials making up the Earth, and the beautiful things we can make from them and share it with everyone we meet.

From Arizona to Washington, to our very own farm in Marysville, Ohio, every product we source has a special story to tell, and a rarity - each it's own.

Our hope is that you not only enjoy our rustic, farmhouse products, but that you enjoy the experience of our journey as we trek far and wide to source the most beautiful, unique and natural treasures to bring home to you.

~Robert & Jennifer